Zenyatoo's Strategy Edit

There is a very easy way to complete this mission in a short amount of time, even on elite:

  • As soon as the mission begins, throw all your villagers on berry bushes, and make the town center produce 4 more, all set to woodcutting. Then immediately take your scout, and the caravan you start with, and head towards the closest point. As you get in range, make them hold position, and ready yourself. send the scout in first, and loop him around the defenders, then rush the caravan in, get the point cleared for the quest, and rush it out. If you do it properly you should also be able to keep your scout alive. Repeat this for the next point. If you're lucky your scout will still be alive by the third point, and a simple suicide charge will most like get it no problem. If the scout is dead you can try a suicide rush with your caravan anyway, but if that fails, go back to your town center, tech to age 2, build a market, and produce about 3 caravans, then send them on a suicidal charge at the last point.
  • If done correctly you should be able to finish this mission in less than 5 minutes, without being attacked once besides by the defenders at each point (Allowing for it to be done on elite if wanted) This same strategy works on the other caravan quests too (Giza limestone, and Mosaic tile)

Kenji_03's Strategy Edit

  • Set 4 villagers to gather wood, make 4 villagers and rally-point them on food.
  • Do something for 2 minutes
  • Tech up to age 2
  • Build a trade depot
  • Send your starter caravan to the trade depot
  • Train 2 spearman and a caravan
  • Send the Caravan around to the top of a checkpoint (without aggroing the enemy) send spearmen to the south of the point.
  • Send spearmen to aggro enimies. Send the caravan in.
  • Repeat for other three checkpoints.

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