2v2 Ranked Team Match
PVP Quests
Giver(s)War Commander
Concurrent1v1 Unranked Match, 2v2 Unranked Team Match, 1v1 Ranked Match
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2v2 Ranked Team Match is a PVP Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Sparta PVP Quests.

Quest Objectives Edit

Defeat the opposing team in a ranked Sparta 2v2 PvP match.

This feature requires a level 25 city and a premium civilization.

  • Match Won

Rewards Edit

# XP
# Empire Points

Note: The Rewards are given according to the level of the player.

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

OdysseusNewQuest Not everyone is here to help. Some are drawn by the opportunity presented by conflict, seeking a chance to profit from the misfortune of others.
There are many armies like your own in the area, some known to be here only to steal. If you sent one home with fewer soldiers and no treasure, you'd earn the gratitude of Sparta.
OdysseusCompleted Glory to the champions of Sparta.

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