A guide for All-Out War!.

Your spawning point is the most important thing on this mission. If you do not start your mission at the southern area of the map immediately restart the mission until you get proper placement. Examples:

Good Good Example
Alloutwar map yes1 Alloutwar map yes2 Alloutwar map zoned

Once you've gotten the right spawn point immediately build 4 more villagers and send your current 5 to mine stone. Set it so all new villagers go for food until all 4 are getting food. While those first four are building send 1 villager to whichever edge of the border is nearest to you. Build a wall as close to the edge of the water as possible and make it connect to the border. Once that is done, connect the wall All the way across the coast, make sure not to leave a single gap or chance for the enemy to place a single unit on your coast.

If done correctly, the enemy will never be able to land on your shores. In this level they do not make triremes go anywhere near your coast(Unless you build ships, so build ships last). You have no chance of your walls being destroyed. Their transport will just patrol back and forth across your shores but never be able to land or attack.

Now that your shores are safe, you can resource grind, make about 60 villagers to really deforest the the area. Having 12,000 of each resource is a good point to start building a military. You should be Age 4 by now. Start building 2 fortresses that have enough room for a dock between them by your coastal wall. once the fortresses are done, you can safely destroy the wall section between the fortresses and build a dock or two. Spam about 10 ships that can destroy other ships like Ram Ship. Afterwards, start building as many Long-range warships as possible. Mangonel Galley work well.

Send your fleet towards the most northern point on the map(this is the only island the enemies are on). Destroy all enemy ships on the way and destroy their dock. Once their dock is destroyed, leave at least one unit nearby where it was so if they try to build another one- they won't be able to build it again. Use your long-range ships to bombard the enemy island and destroy everything that you possibly can. From this point you can send an army of land units over via transport boat and destroy the rest of the island, mission complete.Late Rental

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