Apprentice Mason Philon
Buildings are build faster.
Age ActiveCopperAgeIcon Copper Age
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Apprentice Mason Philon is an Advisor active in Copper Age.

Main article: List of Advisors

Tips Edit

Apprentice Mason Philon is one of the most useful advisor for the Copper age, it helps providing a faster technology advances for the Babylonian and Egyptian in the Copper age and helps negates the building speed in wall joints(that has given it). The advisor also helps boost up that construction speed of the villager's tool(provided that you have one).

Common Edit

  • Buildings build 8% faster.
  • Requires Level 5.

Uncommon Edit

Rare Edit

  • Buildings build 16% faster.
  • Requires Level 5.

Epic Edit

  • Buildings build 20% faster.
  • Requires Level 5.

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