Argos Armor Store
Argos Armor Store Panel
UseSells Armor in exchange for AP
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The Argos Armor Store sells a selection of Uncommon and Rare quality Gear in exchange for Argos Points.

Items Edit

Item Name Quality Cost
Oak Shield Uncommon 80 AP
Bronze Breastplate Uncommon 100 AP
Leather Armor Uncommon 95 AP
Reinforced Wool Peplos Uncommon 85 AP
Bronze Plate Sidings Uncommon 90 AP
Argos Leather Padded Vests Rare 150 AP
Argos Mounted Armor Rare 150 AP
Argos Scale Armor Rare 140 AP
Argos Bronze Plating Rare 135 AP
Argos Reinforced Walls Rare 145 AP

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