The Argos Campaign is the primary means of leveling your Civilization from Level 20 to Level 30 in Age of Empires Online. Argos is free to all six civilizations, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek, Persian, Norse, and Babylonian. Premium booster pack alternatives for leveling from 20 to 30 are available in the Fertile Crescent and Northern Invasion.

The three free civilizations unlock the Argos Campaign by completing the appropriate civilization specific unlock quest: Defend Massalia!, Defend Mycenae! or Defend Egypt!. The three Pro civilizations unlock the Argos Campaign by completing the one main quest immediately available.

There are 960,000 experience points available in the Argos Campaign. That is enough to level from 20 to 26. While you complete the main track, mix in the Challenge Quest line from the Refugee from Argos and the gathering materials quests from the Trade Dock Foreman. Those quests plus the experience gained from killing enemies should get you to level 29 or 30. Once you reach Level 29, the quest Defense of Arsinoe becomes available to open up the Cyprus Campaign.

List of Quests Edit

  1. Emissary to Argos
  2. It Burns Us
  3. Cleaning Out the Filth
  4. Do Something Cool for Me
  5. Egyptian Alliance
  6. Get Our Houses Back
  7. Dock Rats!
  8. Retake the Islands
  9. Stop the Sea People
  10. Run the Blockade
  11. Cataclysm

Quest Overview Edit

Quest Rec Level Repeatable Co-op? EP XP Coin Chests
Emissary to Argos 5
It Burns Us 21 Yes 2 60,000 250 2
Cleaning Out the Filth 22 Yes 70,000 250 2
Do Something Cool for Me 23 Yes 80,000 250 1
Egyptian Alliance 24 Yes 120,000 300 2
Get Our Houses Back 24 No 2 60,000 300 2
Dock Rats! 25 Yes 2 80,000 300 2
Retake the Islands 25 Yes 4 80,000 300 2
Stop the Sea People 26 Yes 90,000 300 2
Run the Blockade 27 Yes 6 120,000 500 2
Cataclysm 30 Yes 8 200,000 1000 3

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