Bandit Tower is a consumable item that, when activated, summons a Bandit Tower at a target location.. It can be used once the player reaches the Copper Age. (Age II)

Image: Bandits: Description
BanditTower Bandit Tower Health: 1004
Pierce Damage:29.2
Range: 30
Pierce Armor: 0.80
Bandit Tower U Bandit Tower Veteran Health: 1285
Pierce Damage:33.5
Range: 30
Ranged Armor: 0.80
Bandit Tower R Bandit Tower Master Health: 1332
Pierce Damage:38.7
Range: 30
Pierce Armor: 0.80
Bandit Tower E Bandit Tower Champion Health: 1567
Pierce Damage:45.5
Range: 30
Pierce Armor: 0.80

It is included in Class 2, and has a cooldown time of 5 minutes after using, for that class.

It can be crafted at the Builder's Hall.

Rarity Material 1 Material 2 HP DPS Materials proof
Common 54 Stone Blocks 27 Copper Ingots 1074 34 Recipe
Uncommon 72 Stone Blocks 36 Copper Ingots 1152 36
Rare 72 Stone Blocks 24 Bronze Ingots 1268 40 Recipe
Epic 72 Stone Blocks 24 Bronze Ingots

Aquisition Edit

The common is obtained with learning the Construction profession at the crafting hall, while the Uncommon may be bought at Nubian Expedition or Mycenae for 500 coin. The rare recipe can be purchased for 1000 coin in Argos.

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