• Onlinemindgem

    August 30, 2016 by Onlinemindgem is where you play Age of Empires Online!

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  • DiomedesArgo

    A new website has come alone and has made it self pretty popular in the age community. It is aoeo4ever a site that is currently making an aoeo private server/ emulator for the community. So far their work was brought back together that whole aoeo community along with former and new fans that want to play aoeo. With the help of the BBAOEO steam group the have re-energize that sleeping giant of the once formatable aoeo community and have made many part of what was seen as a lost cause turn into a wonderful experience for everyone from the people that write in the forums to the people that watch from the sidelanes. We should all give a huge Parabens to the people that have worked so hard for this especially MrPSIHO13.

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  • Finetravelcalculator

    You might be possibly aware of the fact that technology has improved our lives fairly a bit. One particular activity that technology has produced very a little less difficult is calculating distance involving cities, countries, or airports. A lot of people develop into rather shocked once they comprehend how often this kind of data may be beneficial in normal life.

    You may quickly uncover a number of causes to understand the distances in between cities in the event you believe about it. Should you operate a shipping industry, then you would frequently have to know what the distances are between places so that you can cost the services. Unless you understand the distance involving airports, it will be hard to supply this pricing facts to cus…

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  • Liopdilop

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  • Baltimorerealtorinfo

    Industrial Genuine Estate Acquiring

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    Although lenders have develop into a bit extra stringent in their needs (rightfully so) and environmentalists have clarified their expectations of what a correct "industrial" internet site really sh…

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  • Findwiainfo

    You can find a million men and women looking for jobs, at this moment and as we speak, and although some men and women could get the jobs they are in search of for via unique procedures, really a few consult the Division of Employment Solutions of their state to have assist in obtaining the proper job which will be ideal for their skills and requirements. Just about every state from the United states features a department of this sort and whilst, naturally, it varies slightly in every state with regard to what exactly is supplied and process of delivering services to their consumers, the general aim of all the employment service departments remain exactly the same, i.e., assisting workers and employers get together for mutual advantage.


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  • Painho Birkin

    I see there's a lack of pages about various celtic quests,so I'm putting then on air.At the moment I have made almost all the Celtic Tutorial Quests,except for the last one,and after i finish the tutorial quests i gonna make about the Main and Side Quests.

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  • Oghmanas

    (Direct copy from AOEO blog section. Link .)


    AOEO Trajan

    Ave, all!

    I announced in January of this year that AOEO had entered its support phase, meaning that no new content would be added to the game. Then, last month, we mentioned in the forums that AOEO had an end date. That information should have come clearly from me, with a clear and specific itemization of what that means to you, the players. So let’s fix that.

    Age of Empires Online will close on July 1, 2014. On that day, the service will cease to function, and no further games can be played. The servers will be taken offline, and no features of the game or the game service will work without the servers. Until that date, the game will continue to fully function just as it does n…

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  • Alarico Castro


    August 21, 2013 by Alarico Castro

    So have you heard?

    No more AoEO after July 1, 2014.

    Also, GFWL is finally croaking in a day or two 8/22. So that means no more new players and no purchasing in-game content. The only way to get in-game content would be by earning EP through the Alliance Wars.

    I wonder how many alliance members are now at my contribution level? The only AP I earn is by donating a few stacks of rare materials once a week - 6 stacks usually gets 17 or 18 EP - a little less on Marathon.

    Anyway, the end of production was the beginning of the end so now, is this the middle of the end?

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  • Smileyguyx

    So Age of Empires Online has been running (ok, running and then sort of walking) for 2 years now! To celebrate every player gets a Fireworks Blueprint for their capital cities! Details here.

    PvP Season #4 has been extended due to continued server issues. There are some new rules, so make sure you check them out!

    A reminder to stay vigilant over the PvP Tips, as one of the latest tips offers Empire Points for submitting a screenshot of a raven! So hop online, use a raven and take a screenshot for some easy EP!

    Also make sure you hop onto the forums or if you're feeling adventurous sign up for the Community Challenge!

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  • Smileyguyx

    Another tournament is lined up! BombasticLegacy is hosting another tournament, you can check the details out here. Anyone can sign up, and there's a big coin pool!

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  • BombasticLegacy

    After lots of behind-the-scenes work, the 1st annual Legacy Tournament will actually happen!


    July 27 19:00 GMT +1 (I am a lazy copy cat if you know what I mean) 

    Where will it be streamed?

    How can I join? 

    Just say "sign me up" on the official thread and your name will be added to the tournament brackets. Anyone, any level, anywhere can join, but please remember no smurfs, stream cheating and NO ENTRY FEE :) 


    1st place $600,000

    2nd place $200,000

    3rd place $150,000

    4th place $50,000

    How can I be a winner even if I don't compete? 

    You can make sponsorships or promotions of yourself; read sponsorship thread;


    Many of the rules for the tour…

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  • Smileyguyx

    Greetings all those who actually read this! There aren't many of you (probably) but the clan cG has is hosting a tournament, invitational only! Details are here: The stream will start shortly, show your support for the game, the players and the casters by tuning in to the various games!

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  • Alarico Castro

    So I have been working my way through the Egyptian Campaign again. I skipped this side quest line:

    Now I'm wondering whether or not it belongs in the Main Campaign.

    Arguments for Main Campaign:

    • There is not enough XP in the Main Campaign for L19 otherwise.
    • The story remains partially incomplete without conquering Nubia.

    Arguments against Main Campaign:

    • This quest line is not required to advance the story toward "Vizier's Doom."
      • This is the big one. If it's not required in the Main Story Line leading up to the finale, then can it be considered part of the Main Campaign? Isn't that the very definition of Side Story Quest?
    • This quest line does not follow the main character, Sesotr…
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  • ElitistBody841

    We mark this date: June 23, 2013.

    Hello fellow visitors, we have finally finished the Fertile Crescent Quests and the Skirmish Quests. Let's give those editors a big round of applause!

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  • Smileyguyx

    Hop into Sparta and play a few ranked games because PvP Season #4 is open! There have been a few new rules added (no smurfing or win trading, 85 wins minimum) making it a bit more fair! Even if you don't think you can get into the top 50 hop on in anyway and test yourself! Practice makes perfect! Here's the link to the original blog

    For those who watch the official AoEo Twitch Channel you'll notice that there have been a lot of guest streamers! So join in, nothing is more exciting than watching AoEO Live! For those interested in AoEO Streams here is the link to all streams AoEO currently online

    Also of interest is Bombastic…

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  • Bc9661

    The title says it all. I really need help deciding. Now, before anybody asks, I like powerful infantry units, and units that are good against infantry but are accesable pretty early and can be massed in large numbers.

    Basically, I'm asking if you can mass Persian Bowman without having any units to defend them.

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  • Bc9661

    Best Celtic/Norse unit?

    June 13, 2013 by Bc9661

    Of all the civilizations in Age of Empires Online, my favorites are the militaristic ones (Norse and Celtic). I would like to know what people think are the best units in these civilizations. 


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  • ElitistBody841

    We mark this date: May 31, 2013.

    Hello fellow visitors, due to your huge choice of Fertile Crescent updating. You got it! We're working on it right now.

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  • Smileyguyx

    Bear with me, there's a lot(both content and links) to get through!

    PvP Season #3 is almost over, click here for the latest updates!

    For you Wololo fans, its gotten a few changes recently: check here for the latest one and its revamped prizes and vote for those who you think should be winners here!

    If you've noticed the lack of PvP Tips recently, don't fret! IamPREZSTEVE will announce the winners of the PvP Tip Contest this Friday! Keep an eye out for them on the official forums!

    To those who love making their Capital City look nice, the Persian Wonder "The Gate of all Nations" is on discount - that's 375 EP off! Do note however that there is a bug where you can't purchase discounted items unless you have the EP to purchase it without a discount…

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  • ElitistBody841

    Community Challenge 5/15 Sign-Ups

    Hello, weekend warriors! Get ready for a fight to the death in the Spartan Arena for this week’s Community Challenge. Sign up for your chance at prizes and e-glory as you play live on stream!

    This Wednesday, May 13th at 11 AM Pacific (GMT-7), we will be streaming and casting your PvP games live on our Twitch channel! We’ll stream four 1v1s and one 2v2, so make sure to specify which you’d like to play in.

    Winners will receive their choice of 900 EP or a set of seasonal vanity gear, and their defeated opponents receive 100 EP. Both get unique forum tags.

    Sign up to play in this week’s Community Challenge here:

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  • Smileyguyx

    Trivia Contest

    May 7, 2013 by Smileyguyx

    A Trivia Contest is now open on the official forums!

    • Answer 10 questions and you go into the draw to win a prize!
    • Prizes are a choice of a Greek Premium Civilization Code, an Egyptian Premium Civilization code, a Bountiful Bushes Empire Extra or a Glorious Gardening Extra.
    • You can look up the information or change your answers around until the deadline, which is Wednesday 8th UTC -7, or roughly after the official stream (Community Challenge) finishes.

    What are you waiting for, go give it a try!

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  • Smileyguyx

    The Norse and Persia civilisations should be up-to-date. Unfortunately Persia's PvE stats may be incorrect, i only made sure the PvP stats were correct, and i didn't check all their technologies. You can be assured values in brackets ( ) are correct.

    Since i was beginning to receive complaints about changing too much, i left most of the pages as they were before, modifying the stats only.

    And that will be it from me.

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  • Smileyguyx

    You guessed it, this time its the Babylonian Civilisation! They should now be up to date, in stats at the very least. but this time that's not all i have to say.

    There is a question that is bothering me, perhaps you can help me out - the Babylonian Stone Wall upgrade improves by 125% while the other civs have a 10% boost. This leaves the Babylonian Walls with 2250 Health, and other walls at 3000 Health. Is that true, or have I made a mistake? you can go to the wall page and put it down under 'Note'.

    I am aware of the 1% Internet Rule and I assume there are some people at least reading these blogs, or at least using the updated pages. However don't be afraid to be the 9% and make a comment! Some of the comments are extremely old and it would be …

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  • Smileyguyx

    Celtic - Updated!

    April 26, 2013 by Smileyguyx

    And now the Celtic civilization should be up-to-date as well! Except the Champion, which i will check later.

    Discovered some interesting stuff, the Ram costs Wood and Gold in PvE but costs Wood and Food in PvP!

    Some of the "overviews" aren't right but we'll fix them later. If you're wondering, the overview is being changed to what you see when you hover your mouse over the unit when you have the technology tree open.

    Check out the General play page! Some good tips for PvP and PvE (but mostly PvP because most of PvP applies to PvE as well). Also if you see a mistake (spelling, incorrect stat etc), please do fix it up! It'll only take a moment and it can help everyone who uses this wiki. Believe it or not, the editer is actually very simple to …

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  • Purno

    I tried to edit the page of the Marathon Guard Spear to add links to some words like "gear", which is done on a lot of pages, but as soon as I hit the edit button, I can't see that specific line of text. It's just not there in the code. I'm confused. 

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  • Smileyguyx

    Greek - Updated!

    April 25, 2013 by Smileyguyx

    Just like with Egypt, most if not all of the Greek Civilisation should be up-to-date now. 

    it would seem rams are much cheaper in PvP! I never knew that.

    If you do use this site at all, feel free to participate in the polls. They (usually) provide valuable information, and can lead the wiki to the glory it deserves.

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  • Smileyguyx

    Egypt - Updated!

    April 25, 2013 by Smileyguyx

    Just went through the entire Egypt Civilisation and have now updated the PvE stats and added a PvP stats where applicable. You may see this on some pages:

    "PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ()."

    Exactly what it says! Previous patches often changed only the PvP stats, and now they are put there in brackets. If there are no brackets, then it is the same in both PvE and PvP.

    Enjoy the updated Egypt!

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  • ElitistBody841

    Community Highlight – Reviving the AoEO Fan Wikia



    Hey, AoEO fans! It’s another Sunday and another, hopefully awesome, weekend with lots of great matches and successful quest completions is coming to an end. If you spent some time in the forums during the past few days, you may have noticed a thread that, I feel, deserves more attention.

    ElitistBody841 posted a call for action to anyone out there who wants to contribute to the unofficial AoEO Wikia, a website that has a lot of very useful, but, unfortunately, partially outdated information. If you have some time to spare and feel that this handy conglomeration of information deserves a revival, go ahead and participate in its update!

    Let’s hear it from ElitistBody841 hims…

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  • ElitistBody841

    Testing, 1, 2, 3.

    April 24, 2013 by ElitistBody841

    This is a test, and if this works, I pissed off smiley. :)

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  • Smileyguyx

    So after a post in the official forums I decided to come over to here and see if i could help out a bit. It's quite easy to make changes and despite how it looks, there are people here to help! If you see a mistake feel free to fix it!

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  • ElitistBody841

    Let us update and add the features in Age of Empires Online, so this wiki doesn't crumble to dust!

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  • Oghmanas

    Future of Age of Empires Online
    AOEO Trajan

    Ave, all!

    It is now time to discuss the future of Age of Empires Online. AOEO has finished its development phase, and now moves on into its support phase.

    What does that mean?

    It means that there will be no new content created for AOEO. There is a small amount of content still in the pipeline that will be released in the next few weeks, but that is all. No new features will be added. Most significantly, no new civilizations will be released; the six existing ones are the complete and final set.

    However, nothing else changes for players, nothing that currently exists will be removed. You can still play everything you own, earn EP, and purchase any content you do not currently own. We will still …

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  • Jedihomer1

    Fall Update

    October 14, 2012 by Jedihomer1

    Hey Guys i'm new here and i wanted to write my first blog about the Fall update. But first here is the blog. i'm excited about this new update is that there will be a new quest pack and a "city consumable". I hope that the quest pack is good cuz im gonna get it and i really don't care about the city consumables except for it's effciency and how good it works. SO yeah i didn't write much because im a really lazy guy so cya thanks for reading this all!

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  • Destroyerkhaos

    Items for sale

    September 4, 2012 by Destroyerkhaos

    My Micosoft live account is Salablesquid927.

    Common:Animal hides stack x2, grain stackx2, net maker aepep,and warlord vercingtorix.

    Uncommon:oak planks stack x4, work tools stack x4, Bronze ingots stackx1, wool cloth stackx2, scrolls of lore stack x4, olive oil stack x1, garnets stack x2, royal guard zhubin, and archer sergent timon.

    Rare:Spices stack x5,large greek residence, large egyptian residence, large persian residence, large celtic residence x4, Grand master deverell, Seed-master agrape, rockhound erastos, Obsidian-inlaid belt x42 normal, x5 -8.1 cost, x7-8.2 cost, x3- 8x3 cost..

    Epic:Repersiatory x2,Lotastuffopolis x2, Boudicas bounty, Phlosopher stones stack x2, artic fox furs stack x2, taranis visuage of vanquaging(16.4 attack) Kard…

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  • Late Rental

    Hello everybody!

    August 25, 2012 by Late Rental

    Hi everybody, I am sad to inform you that I will be stepping down as an admin on this site but I think this is the best decision for myself and my fiancee at this time in my life. We moved into a new apartment and I'll be starting my new fulltime job soon so I won't have the proper time for this wiki. I've had a blast working with all of you talented wiki editors! I hope that this wiki continues to grow and grow and becomes the most complete and extensive resource for AoEo players. Best of luck and as always have fun with it! :) bye

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  • Billiamfeng

    Interviewer: Billiamfeng (Marathon)

    I got the amazing opportunity to interview sG Zuta yesterday, after the release of the Anniversary Patch. As one of the oldest players on Age of Empires Online, Zuta is a former member of the Balance Team. This staff-selected group of players help balance competitive gameplay by looking into statistical flaws.

    A strong competitive player, sG Zuta reaches out to the community by posting on the forums, streaming his gameplay, and making tutorials and commentaries on YouTube.

    You can check out his useful YouTube videos here!

    And you can check out his streams on here!

    Question: First question! Because PvP rankings have reset after the patch, have you to get ranked?

    Zuta: Not at the moment, haven't played any ra…

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  • Billiamfeng

    It has now been confirmed. We're finally able to throw that silly "Annies" name out the door. The new civilization will be the Babylonians. The new booster quest pack will be named the "Fertile Crescent" booster. Check the source link at the bottom of the page for the showcase video!

    "Age of Empires Online developer Gas Powered Games has revealed its upcoming pro civilization Babylon along with the Fertile Crescent booster pack in an exclusive Eurogamer interview.

    Both the Babylon civ and the Fertile Crescent are due on 16th August to celebrate the game's one-year anniversary. Babylon will cost 900 Empire Points, the in-game currency, while the

    booster pack will cost 450.

    Gas Powered Games described the Babylonians as a "very economics focused…

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  • Late Rental

    Hi folks. I'm back(all be it a little less active). For some reason I cannot respond to messages on my wall but I can reply to blogs. So if you could please leave me any messages here so I can respond when I have a chance.

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  • Late Rental

    Great news fellow AoEO players,

    On August 16, 2012 we can expect a new update to be released. They are being pretty hush-hush with details but have released some interesting news about new features

    • .A new Pro civ will be released, Codename: Annies (900 Empire Points)
    • New Booster—a Quest Pack to get from roughly from lv 20 to lv 30 (450 Empire Points)
    • Milestone Rewards-- Example: if you hit level 20 in celtic(any civ really) you can pick a buff and keep that for any other civ that you use. This will be a incentive to actually level up all of your civs to get all four of their bonuses.
    • New Vanity Gear.
    • New Empire Consumables.
    • Secondary objectives for nearly all repeatable quests with additional rewards.
    • Golden Ticket drop for high quality chests
    • Vani…
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  • Billiamfeng


    July 31, 2012 by Billiamfeng

    Hello my friends, I come from the faraway land of America to wreak havoc on the AOEO wiki with my ravenous appetite of pseudo-grammar nazi psyche and strive to make horrifically good quality articles. I'll be around mostly patching up holes in articles and adding the complete content of the game into the wiki for the best learning experience a player can get from this wiki.

    See you guys around!

    Feng277394 (talk) 11:04, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

    (aka: Billiamfeng on Marathon)

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  • Lazarus238

    Mission Walkthroughs

    July 27, 2012 by Lazarus238

    I see that some people are having problems with some of the harder Argos, Crete, and Cyprus missions and whether or not we need to post walkthroughs on these mission wiki pages. Any feelings on this, sound off here.

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  • Late Rental

    Thought I would update you guys as to were I've been. My summer classes started up and it's kept me busier than I'd like. I haven't had time for anything fun in my life including this wiki. I'll be back the day after my last class which is the 27th. I miss all of you and eagerly look forward to working together again. :)

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  • Neoptolemnos


    June 19, 2012 by Neoptolemnos

    Hello everyone,

    After wednesday afternoon, I will have literally no more worries at all, and I will be able to invest lots of time in Age of Empires Online and in the wiki. The next thing I will be working on are the consumables. I am not a miracle worker concerning programming, so maybe I will ask some of you for tips about the layout. My goal is to include all consumables - Free, Premium, old, new - in a clear table, with links to the individual items. I also want to make/edit those individual pages so that they have the exact same layout. I think it has a certain charm when it all looks taut. Warpaints and War Horns are also on their way. I hope to finish these things as soon as possible, because I want to drag the attention of as many p…

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  • Late Rental

    For "advanced users" goto C:\Program Files (x)\Steam\steamapps\common\age of empires online and skip reading anything else in Step 1

    For "novice users" follow the below instructions: First, click the "Start" button: .

    Second, click on "Computer"

    Third, click on your C:\ drive

    Fourth, go into Program Files OR Program Files (x86), if there is a folder called "Steam" inside then you are in the right place, if not check the other Program Files folder.

    By now I figure you won't need images to navigate windows, So I will no longer add images.

    Fifth, go to steamapps

    Sixth, go to common

    Seventh, go to age of empires online

    Finally, congrats! you've made it to where your computer stores AoEo's game data.

    Easy, but a long process.

    First, download & install Dra…

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  • Late Rental

    Contest Winner!

    June 17, 2012 by Late Rental

    The winner is SlaughterALL for his huge contributions of 209 edits on the contest day. Second place isLazarus238 and third place is Pturch. SlaughterAll has till tomorrow at midnight to post on my message page his Steam account name so that I can send him the money or civilization/booster.

    If you are reading this SlaughterALL please message me soon and tell me if you want the cash or the prizes. If you want the prizes tell me what Civilization you want and what Booster Pack you'd like. Or you can mix-and-match and have a Civ and 5$ or 10$ and a Booster Pack.

    Thanks to all of you for your contributions! This wasn't your last chance, We will have more contests ithe future!

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  • Late Rental

    I'd like to encourage all of the editors and even those of you who haven't made a single edit ever to join us on release day. We need your help in posting all the new information that will be released! I will personally buy the user who does the most productive edits 1 civilization pack gifted through steam and 1 booster pack gifted through steam. Or if you choose I can gift you $15 over steam so you may use that money to buy another game. The amount of prizes/prize money may go up if we get a high volume of participants. The release of the update is 6/15/12 and the contest begins when the update is playable and has a whole day to be out.


    1. The winner must have a Steam account and be able to accept gifts.
    2. Since there is no scientific…
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  • Late Rental

    Greetings fellow AoEo fans, Sadly I have the duty of informing you that the newest update has been Delayed. This is understandable because it is the biggest update they've ever released and is expected by their own reports to take 36 hours to update due to it's massive size. During the 36 hours of downtime they will be steaming some PvP on their test servers to show some new stuff that got changed. They might also show a quest or two to show off some new consumables.

    Most excitingly they will be giving away codes for some ingame goodies! Keep watching for updates. They are planning on releasing a schedule in due time.

    Greetings everyone. Much like yourself, our excitement builds everyday as we look forward to the newest update being released …

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  • XsR666

    Hi there fellow editor's !

    I'd like to give you guy's a heads up regarding my activity for the next week.

    Since the temperatures outside are high, I'm going to spend alot of my time outside this upcoming week.

    I have a 3 years old that wants to play football / go get ice-cream.

    So we will be enjoying the hot summer air, outside !

    I'll pop in now and then to keep updating, but just not as much as regular.


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  • Late Rental

    I was looking under the admin dashboard and was surprised to see that we get 40k views a week. This should really boost all you editors out there. Don't give up, people are using our site. These views are because we provide great info. But, There is still so much to be done. We can make this wiki the ultimate resource for players with your help! :)

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