Build Order
Celtic Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)Tribal Chief
CityCapital City
PreviousFood for the Winter
NextGrinding Gears
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Build Order is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Celtic Tutorial Campaign. It teaches the player the importance of gathering wood and building houses.

Quest Objectives Edit

Use your Villagers to gather Wood and build a Storehouse. Build Houses and train Villagers to increase your total population.

  • Storehouse Built: 0/1
  • Wood Gathered: 0/200
  • House Built: 0/1
  • Total Population: 0/15

Rewards Edit

You will Learn
Barracks SpearmanCeltic

You will also Receive
1500 XP
20 Coins

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

TribalChiefNewQuest My cousin leads another tribe not far from here, and his people live in squalor. They have no Storehouses to make gathering efficient, and without any Houses, they are packed like sardines in the Town Hall.
You will have to force his people into proper living. Clearcut the forest and build them an actual village!
TribalChiefInProgress Have you visited my cousin's tribe?
TribalChiefCompleted My cousin loves what you have done, and he wishes to ally with us.

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