Camel Rider
Egyptian Cavalry Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon Bronze Age
Damage TypeCavalry
Attack RangeMelee
Hit Points430 (400)
Speed10 (11)
Sight Range20
Train Time14
Trained/Built fromStables (Egyptian)
Food 60 Wood 0 Gold 40 Population 2
Armor vs. ranged0 (0.2)
Armor vs. siege0.5
Bonus vs. cavalry2.5
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The Camel Rider is an Egyptian Cavalry Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().


  • Adept in mobility, the Camel Rider easily defeats other Cavalry units but is vulnrable to attacks from spearmen.

Equipment SlotsEdit



The Camel Rider was a rider and camel dressed in light to medium armor. Due to the Camel's resilience to desert conditions unlike horses. They were not fully used as a military unit until 500-100 B.C.E. under the Egyptians and Persians. Camels that were not in battle would be used as logistical support. The Camel was good enough for the Romans to create a Camel Rider auxiliary force know as Dromedarii.


  • Camels can secure players map control in the early game with their high speed.
  • Because of their bonus against cavalry they make good anti-raiders as well.

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