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Gold Mine (Celtic)

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Gold Mine (Celtic)
Celtic Economy Building
Age availableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Hit points1500
Sight range20
Food 0 Wood 100 Gold 0 Stone 0 (50)
Armor vs. ranged0.8
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The Gold Mine is a Celtic economy building in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().

Overview Edit

  • Built on top of an existing Gold Mine.
  • Trickles Gold at the rate of villagers garrisoned inside.
  • Garrisons up to 10 villagers.
  • Provides bonus Gold conservation
    • There may be times where you might prefer for a gold mine to run out quickly, e.g gold mines close to the enemy base (so they have to resort to caravans earlier).
  • Prevents other villagers from mining the gold resource.
  • Is destroyed once the Gold Mine has been depleted.
  • Equipment Slots
  • BuildingConstruction Building Construction
  • ConstructionAccessory Construction Accessory


  • Unlike a storehouse, villagers may sometimes not automatically enter the Gold Mine after its completed.

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