Challenge: Not Without A Bomb!
Greek Challenge Quests
RequiredSiege Workshop
PreviousChallenge: Demolition Man
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Challenge: Not Without A Bomb! is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Challenge Quests.

Quest Objectives Edit

Tear down the test city as quickly as you can.
Co-op Allowed

  • Fortresses Destroyed: 0/2
  • Houses Destroyed: 0/10
  • Town Centers Destroyed: 0/3

SandClock 12:00

Rewards Edit

27,500 XP
100 Coins
13 Empire Points

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

CityAmbassadorNewQuest I don't think this one's possible. There's no way you'll raze the village that quickly. Not without a bomb, anyway.
CityAmbassadorInProgress I told you... not without a bomb.
CityAmbassadorCompleted I hope the civilizations you fight have strong buildings.

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