Chief Vemundr
Damage TypeInfantry
Attack RangeMelee
Hit Points1000
Sight Range20
Food 0 Wood 0 Gold 0 Population 0
Armor vs. infantry0.25
Armor vs. ranged0.25
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"Like my new hat? It growls."
Chief Vemundr

Chief Vemundr is a hero unit the player get to have access in the Northern Hold quest and City Defenses. If co-oping in a City Defenses, the partner will receive Vemundr's cousin instead which is the same thing. Vemundr has two passive upgrades and two active upgrades. Chief Vemundr is trying to defend the cities by providing a defense against Beorix's raiders

Upgrades Edit

Vanquisher Unbreakable Stalwart HuntersPelt
Vanquisher Unbreakable Stalwart Hunter's

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