The six currently playable civilizations. (From top clockwise: Greeks, Babylonians, Persians, Celts, Egyptians.Norses.

Civilizations (commonly abbrieviated as Civs) are playable factions in Age of Empires Online. There are currently six available civilizations, three Pro and three Free-to-Play.

Types Edit

There are two classes of civilization. Free-to-Play/Premium civilizations start at level one while Pro civilizations start at level twenty. Though Pro civilizations lack a unique main campaign, they gain immediate access to ArgosNorthern Hold,(If bought) and Fertile Crescent(if bought), this allows them to get ready into the battlefield immediately.

Free vs. Premium/Pro Edit

Feature Free Premium/Pro
Rare & Epic Gear Acquire Acquire, Use & Craft
EmpirePoints Empire Points Acquire & Spend Acquire & Spend
PvP (Sparta) Unranked Ranked & Unranked
Custom PvP (City Arena) Play & Host Play & Host
Star Techs No Yes
Advisors Acquire Acquire and Use
Earn Coin Coins from Capital City Stores by 5% sale comission No Yes
Inventory Buildings Limit 2 5
Workshops Limit 2 10
Craft Halls Limit 1 2

Civilizations Edit

The Celtic and Persian Civilizations were officially announced on July 20th, 2011[1]. The Celts already existed in the game files by the end of the beta testing phase.[2]

The Babylonian civilization was officially announced on August 10th, 2012 through Euro.

The Norse civilization was officially announced on October 23rd, 2012 through Euro.

The Roman civilization was hinted and was in creation from the start of 2011, but was never finished.

The Neanderthals was announced on April's Fools as a joke.

Factions Edit

References Edit

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