Store - Craftsmen Recipe Store

The Craftsmen Recipe Store is a purchasable and buildable store that sells Craftsmen Recipes in exchange for Empire Points. Its blueprint can be obtained from the Blueprint Store for 250 Coins.

Items available:

Item Name Cost
Crafting Recipe: Crafted Wicker Baskets 10 EP
Crafting Recipe: Crafted Nets 20 EP
Crafting Recipe: Artisan Copper Shovels 40 EP
Crafting Recipe: Artisan Hide Water Bags 50 EP
Crafting Recipe: Crafted Leather Hood 60 EP
Crafting Recipe: Crafted Wool Nets 70 EP
Crafting Recipe: Artisan Wool Clothes 80 EP
Crafting Recipe: Artisan Bronze Shovels 90 EP
Crafting Recipe: Artisan Leather Water Bags 100 EP

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