Delos general store
Delos General Store offers Delian gears that plays to the economic lifestyle and also vanity gears and decorations that helps display your loyalty toward the Delian League


Image Name Level Rarity Effect(s) Coin Empire Points
DelianLeagueWeapon Delian League Weapon 1 Common Visual Upgrade Only N/A 30
DelianLeagueHelm Delian League Helm 1 Common Visual Upgrade Only N/A 30
DelianLeagueShield Delian League Shield 1 Common Visual Upgrade Only N/A 30
Ship Statue N/A Common Blueprint N/A 200
Ornate Urn N/A Common Blueprint N/A 250
Small Delian Residence N/A Common Blueprint N/A 50
Medium Delian Residence N/A Common Blueprint N/A 75
Large Delian Residence N/A Common Blueprint N/A 100
Worktoolslegendary Delian Archon's Hammer 40 Legendary Gathering Food: +18.8%
Gathering Wood: +18.8%
Gathering Gold: +18.8%
Gathering Stone: +18.8%
Buildings Construction Speed: +19.5%
315000 N/A
ConstructionAddition Leg1 Delian Archon's Blueprints 40 Legendary Build Time: -8.3%
Health: +13.4%
45000 N/A
Medium Armor L2 Delian Archon's Cuirass 40 Legendary Health: +86.7% 28000 N/A
Arrows Epic2 Delian Preceptor's Arrows 40 Epic Damage: +7.9%
Maximum Range: +15.4%
11000 N/A
FishingNets Epic1 Delian Preceptor's Fishing Net 40 Epic Movement Speed: +1.9%
Gathering Food: +15.4%
1900 N/A
The Minotaur's Horn mini Delian Preceptor's Ram Head 40 Epic Damage: +61.6%
Building Bonus Damage: +22.4%
Pierce Armor: +12.2%
2900 N/A
Heavyspearepic Delian Preceptor's Heavy Spear 40 Epic Damage: 61.6%
Health: +12.2%
3600 N/A
Building construction rare2 Delian Adept's Wall Braces 40 Rare Health: +65.2% 1900 N/A
Wheels rare3 Delian Adept's Wheels 40 Rare Damage: 28.7%
18000 N/A
Javelin Rare3 Delian Adept's Javelin 40 Rare Damage: +45.9% 1500 N/A
MerchantLog Rare1 Delian Adept's Merchant Log 40 Rare Movement Speed: +1.4%
Trade: +14.4%
1700 N/A
LaborerGear Rare6 Delian Adept's Hood 40 Rare Movement Speed: +7.1% 175000 N/A
Sword Rare6 Delian Adept's Sword 40 Rare Damage: +45.9% 1600 N/A
Clotharmorrare Template:Tooptip 40 Rare Health: +49.6%
Pierce Armor: +26.5%
1700 N/A
Bow Rare3 Delian Adept's Bow 40 Rare Damage: +30.1%
Maximum Range: +23.7%
6400 N/A

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