Do Something Cool for Me
Argos Campaign
Giver(s)Refugee from Argos
PreviousCleaning Out the Filth
NextEgyptian Alliance, Find the Pharaoh's Favorite, Find Pharaoh's Luggage
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Do Something Cool for Me is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs the Argos Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Rescue the Egyptian Admiral and escort him to your Town Center.
Recommended Level: 23
Co-op Allowed

  • Egyptian Admiral to Town Center: 0/1

Rewards Edit

Choose one of
You will also Receive
80,000 XP
250 Coins
1 T. Chests

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

RefugeefromArgosNewQuest While my home was being destroyed, I saw another fleet engage the Sea People. I learned a little about far-off lands when I was a lad, and I recognized those ships. They were Egyptian.
The Sea People destroyed the ships and captured their leader, but I can show you where he's being held. I bet you could use an ally right about now....
RefugeefromArgosInProgress Did you find the Egyptian Admiral? I'm telling you he's out there if you go look!
RefugeefromArgosCompleted I told you you'd find the Egyptian Admiral out there! Remember that I helped you out.
I think the Admiral wants a word with you too.

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