Draw Them Out
Greek Main Campaign
CityCapital City
PreviousShow Our Power
NextReclaiming The Throne
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Draw Them Out is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Main Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Use Battering Rams to destroy the enemy's Farms, Houses, and Stables. Be sure to defend them against Infantry and Cavalry.
Co-op Allowed

  • Houses Destroyed: 0/15
  • Farms Destroyed: 0/12
  • Stables Destroyed: 0/2

Rewards Edit

10,000 XP
60 Coins
1 T. Chests
3 Empire Points

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

AgamemnonNewQuest Herculos surrounds Mycenae, but to attack Thyestes in my own home city would be folly. We need a clever distraction... Once again, we need you.

Lead a raid against the farming outpost that supplies most of his army's food. Hungry men will think twice in supporting a false king.

Herculos will provide you with some Battering Rams. Use them to wreck the enemy buildings, but be sure to protect the rams against Infantry and Cavalry.
AgamemnonInProgress Let's hope tonight's raid goes well.
AgamemnonCompleted Your ramming skills exceed all expectations! Tomorrow's assault on Mycenae will be Thyestes end!

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