Empire Points (or known as EP) are virtual currency that can be used to purchase Civilization, Booster Pack, Vanity Gear, and Decorations

Up until the Summer 2012 Update, both free to play and premium players were able to earn them (through quests), however only premium players were able to spend them at various EP stores. After the Summer Update, these old EP were converted to coin at a ratio of 1:10.

Everyone now starts the game with 100 EP (for accounts created after the update) and 500 if your account predated the update. Empire Points serve to unlock premium content, such as Booster Packs or Premium Civilizations, and Vanity gear, thus allowing the game to become truly Free to Play.

Empire Points are earned through some major quests, through levelling up and from participating in the Alliance Wars, only available to level 40 players.

Empire Points can also be purchased via Steam micro-transaction or with Microsoft Points.

Earning Empire PointsEdit

You may earn empire points in three different methods: levelling up, doing certain quests or earning empire points from Alliance Points that are earned.

Earning Empire Points through Alliance WarEdit

Earning Empire Points through levelling upEdit

Each level gained will give you from one to ten Empire Points

EmpirePoints Empire Points Compensation through levelling up.
Level 1-6 Level 7-9 Level 10-24 Level 25-30 Level 30-34 Level 35-40
1 2 4 5 7 10

Earning Empire Points through certain questsEdit

Certain civilizations can complete their quests for empire points.


Quest Name Empire Points Given
Here They Come! 2
Advisor Protection 3
Draw Them Out 3
Reclaiming The Throne 6
Protect Our People 4
Take the Beach! 4
Hector Must Fall 4
Horsing Around 12
Defend Mycenae! 12


Quest Name Empire Points Given
Sandstorm! 2
Chief Relif! 3
The Final Badari-Down! 6
We Three Priests 3
Echo Canyon Slaughter 4
Operation Napata 4
Fall of Nubia 4
Vizier's Doom 12
Defend Egypt 12


Quest Name Empire Points Given
Blowing Forts Away 2
Trial By Fire 3
The Fate of All Traitors 6
Fortress Fury 3
Objective: Oxubii 4
Block Buster 4
The Clash at Thermopylae 4
The Sack of Delphi 12
Defend Masslia! 12


Quest Name Empire Points Given
It Burns Us 2
Get Our Houses Back 2
Dock Rats! 2
Retake the Islands 4
Run the Blockade 6
Cataclysm 8
Live Together, Die Together 4
Best Friends Forever 4
I'm Nothing Without You 4
We're Like Peas and Carrots 4


Quest Name Empire Points Given
Defense of Arsinoe 4
Defeat Salamis 4
Defeat Kition 4
Defeat Chytroi 4
Defeat Idalion 4
Defeat Ledrai 4
Defeat Amathus 4
Defeat Lapithos 4
Defeat Tamassos 4
Defeat Kourion 4
Defeat Soloi 6
Defeat Paphos 6
Defeat Marion 10
The Twelve Kingdoms 10

Fertile Crescent:

Fertile Crescent
Quest Name Empire Points Given
Median Mayhem 4
Delta Force 5
I Wonder Why They Are Attacking? 8
Challenge: Mine That Money! 5
Kicking The Hornets' Nest 8
  • Fertile Crescent questline are not fully updated yet, so there could be more filled here in other times.

Northern Hold

Northern Invasion
Quest Name Empire Points Given
City Defense: Sens 3
City Defense: Crete 5
City Defense: Argo 6
City Defense: Sparta 6
The Cauldron of War 10
  • Northern Hold questline are not fully updated yet, so there could be more filled here in other times.

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