The Empire Vault is a storage feature for Age of Empires Online, which allows a player to conveniently share items around his civilizations on only a realm.

The Empire Vault feature was added to the game via the Anniversary Update.

Features Edit

  • Purchasing the Empire Vault first require 150 Empire Points and gives out 4 slots.
  • Extending 4 slots on an Empire Vault cost 150 EP.
  • Extending 8 slots on an Empire Vault cost 250 EP.
  • Extending 16 slots on an Empire Vault cost 400 EP.
  • Extending 32 slots on an Empire Vault cost 750 EP.
  • Extending 48 slots on an Empire Vault cost 1000 EP.
  • Slots can be expanded up to 240 slots.

If you transfer a civilization to another realm, all items and slots inside the Empire Vault will come with you.

After the initial purchase, all civilizations created on a new realm will have the initial 4 slots.

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