Fantasy Vanity

Fantasy Vanity is one of 6 stores on Vanity Island. All items purchasable in this store, and in any other store on Vanity Island, are for cosmetic purposes only and do not affect your units or civilization in any way. They just look nice.


Items available:

Item Name Cost
El Gourdo Weapon 28 EP
El Gourdo Helm 32 EP
El Gourdo Shield 32 EP
Fletcher Weapon 26 EP
Fletcher Helm 29 EP
Fletcher Shield 29 EP
Critter Weapon 42 EP
Critter Helm 36 EP
Critter Shield 32 EP
Construction Weapon 28 EP
Construction Helm 31 EP
Construction Shield 33 EP
Wonder Weapon 31 EP
Wonder Helm 34 EP
Wonder Shield 29 EP

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