Food Equals Villagers
Greek Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)Village Elder
CityCapital City
PreviousOur First Enemy
NextShorten The Distance
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Food Equals Villagers is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Locate and gather Food. Use the Food to train Villagers from the Town Center

  • Berry Patches Found: 0/2
  • Fishing Spots Found: 0/2
  • Deer Herds Found: 0/2
  • Food Gathered: 0/250
  • Villagers Trained: 0/5

Rewards Edit

You will Learn
House ScoutGreek

You will also Receive
800 XP
20 Coins
1 Empire Points

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

VillageElderNewQuest With the outpost saves, the people need to be shown how to fend for themselves. As the saying goes, give the fish a man and the fish will be fed... hmm, that doesn't sound quite right.
I remember now, return to the outpost and get the people familiar with the many ways they can gather Food, and then train more Villagers from the Town Center
VillageElderInProgress That Food won't gather itself.
VillageElderCompleted Full bellies and a swelling population, eh? Excellent work. You're well on your way to earning the trust and respect of the people.

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