Gear Haul
Greek Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)Village Elder
CityCapital City
PreviousWood Equals Buildings
NextEliminating A Threat
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Gear Hall is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Use the blueprint in your inventory to construct a Gear Hall in your Capital City

  • Gear Hall Built in Capital City: 0/1

Rewards Edit

100 XP
1 Empire Points

  • Novice's Engineered Braces
  • Novice's Forgotten Medal

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

VillageElderNewQuest The word on the street is that the people are ready to fight for you, but they will need proper equipment to do so. Here is a blueprint for a Gear Hall. Once placed in your Capital City, it can be used to outfit your armies with weapons and armor.
VillageElderInProgress Let me see if I can find the right blueprint... actually, didn't already I give you the Gear Hall blueprint? Is it in your inventory?
VillageElderCompleted Be sure to check for gear in the store you encounter while visiting other regions and players.

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