The following are general strategies only. It is assumed you have the general play down.

(PvP)Hypas + Toxots

This build aims for a strong combination of Hypaspists and Toxotes.

Start of with a Spearman Rush. When you reach Age 2, begin training Hypaspists. Increase the number of villagers on wood and begin building Archery Ranges and Barracks. Continue training both Hypasists and Toxotes. For each barracks you have, you will need 2 villagers on Food and 2 on Gold. For each archery range you will need 4 on Wood and 2 on Gold. It is important that after you have around 20 pop worth of hypas and tox to begin harassing and pressuring the enemy. If left alone, the opponent may out boom you or move to Age 3. Use your hypas as a meat shield and kite with your tox. Remember to stay out of Town Center fire if possible. When you reach Age 3 replace your Hypaspists with Hoplites. A few Siege Workshop (Greek)s to knock down buildings such as fortresses (which will devastate your ranged ball) and to assist in tanking ranged attacks should be used. If your opponent begins to make Cavalry train some Spearman instead of Hypas.

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(PvE) Gastraphetes + Ballista

This build aims to abuse the Gastraphetes and Ballista's high DPS. Boom as hard as possible and aim to produce Gastraphetes and Ballista. Delete villagers as well to make room for more military. When you have a sizable army simply use the Stop + Move mechanic and slowly advance through enemy territory. This method is commonly used in Legendary Quests, with players sometimes producing all Grasta or Ballista.

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