Help the Massalian Trader
Celtic Main Campaign
Giver(s)Tribal Chief
CityCapital City
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Help the Massalian Traderis a quest in Age of Empires Online which is part of the Celtic Tutorial Campaign.

Quest ObjectivesEdit

Help the Massalian Trader rebuild his village. Build Houses and upgrade the Town Center to Age II. Then build farms and rescue his captured family members with your Transport.

  • Houses built: 0/3
  • Age II reached
  • Wood gathered: 0/400
  • Farms built: 0/4
  • Villagers rescued: 0/10


Choose one of:

You will also receive:

1000 XP
40 Coins

Quest Giver QuotesEdit

x96px Help! Help! Barbarians are--hold on.

Forgive me,but you look very similar to the people who have take my home and family. The Barbarians came in the middle of the night and set all I knew ablaze.I barely escaped, but those monsters have taken my friends and family to their camp across the river.

Please use your might to save my village and rebuild what was lost. I will give you all that I have !
x96px Barbarians in Massalia! Ring the alarm! Oh, wait--it's you.
x96px My wife told me that you rescued everyone and the village is better than ever! I will never forget your kindness. Here, take your reward!