Honor The Gods
Greek Side Story Quests
Giver(s)High Priestess
CityCapital City
PreviousChallenge: Give To The Needy
NextThe Harvest
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Honor The Gods is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Side Story Quests.

Quest Objectives Edit

Travel to the sacred mountain and build a Temple atop it.

  • Temple Built Near Marker: 0/1

Rewards Edit

12,000 XP
70 Coins
6 Empire Points

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

HighPriestessNewQuest Providing a home for the Oracle will bless our people, but the gods have more to ask of you.
Not far from this city is a holy mountain. Travel there and build a Temple at its peak.
HighPriestessInProgress Please let me know as soon as the Temple is complete.
HighPriestessCompleted Truly our people are blessed! Now we can spread word of the gods throughout the land.

Guarded Loot Edit

There is one medium guarded loot on this quest. It is located on the South West wall.

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