I Need a Hero
Greek Main Campaign
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I Need a Hero is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Main Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

King Agamemnon would like you to find and bring some Heroes to your Town Center
Co-op Allowed

  • Heroes Returned: 0/3

Rewards Edit

Choose one of
You will also Receive
45,000 XP
100 Coins
1 T. Chests

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

TroyAgamemnonNewQuest The Trojan opposition has demoralized some of the troops. I guess most were expecting that we would appear in great numbers and frighten them into returning Helen without bloodshed.

If our fragile alliance starts to fracture, we will have a difficult time keeping enough troops in place to get the job done. We need to parade some heroes before the soldiers. That should give them a shot of courage.

Find three heroes and tell them to return to me.
TroyAgamemnonInProgress Where are our heroes?
TroyAgamemnonCompleted I can already see the change in attitude at the camp. I am certain we will make short work of Troy.

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