Persian Infantry Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Damage15 (17)
Damage TypeInfantry
Attack RangeMelee
Damage (secondary)13
Damage Type (secondary)Ranged
Attack Range (secondary)18
Hit Points330 (380)
Sight Range20
Train Time15
Food 30 Wood 20 (25) Gold 40 (50) Population 2
Armor vs. infantry0.3
Armor vs. ranged0.2
Armor vs. siege0.3
Bonus vs. infantry2.5
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The Immortal is a Persian Infantry Unit in Age of Empires Online available in Silver Age. PvP values which are different are placed in brackets ().

Immortal 1

An Immortal with legendary armament.

Immortal 2

Overview Edit

  • A versatile, ranged and melee warrior that is effective against infantry.
  • It is avaliable in the Silver Age and is produced via the Immortal Camp.
  • If the Immortal attacks from a distance, it will fire arrows like an archer making it a very unique and powerful unit.
  • In the summer update, the champion immortal was changed to take up one population instead of two, but you must pay 1200 gold in age IV to unlock them.

Equipment Slots Edit

References Edit


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