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Babylonian Cavalry Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon Bronze Age
Damage TypeCavalry
Attack RangeMelee
Hit Points430
Sight Range20
Train Time16 s.
Trained/Built fromStables (Babylonian)
Food 60 Wood 0 Gold 50 Population 2
Armor vs. infantry0.3
Armor vs. ranged0.3
Armor vs. siege0.5
Bonus vs. infantry2.0
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The Lancer is a Babylonian cavalry unit in Age of Empires Online. Similar to their cousin, the Celtic Woad Raider, Lancers can be upgraded with the ability to charge at enemy units with a critical charges that will triple their DPS upon impact.

Overview Edit

  • Boasting an exceptionally long spear, the Lancer slams into infantry lines, dealing incredible damage.
  • Can deal a critical strike that does three times its normal damage if upgraded with the Champion Lancer technology.

Equipment SlotsEdit




Lancer in-game


  • Players can take advantage of the Lancer's charge attack with hit and run attacks.

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