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Log Thrower
Norse Siege Unit
Age AvailableGoldenAgeIcon Golden Age
Attack Range41
Splash Area1
Hit Points290
Sight Range43
Train Time30 s.
Trained/Built fromFortress (Norse)
Food 0 Wood 280 Gold 130 Population 4
Bonus vs. infantry2.0
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The Log Thrower is a Siege Infantry Unit in Age of Empires Online.


  • Harnessing incredible strength, the Log Thrower hurls large wooden logs at its victims.
  • The Norse version of the Palintonon.

Equipment SlotsEdit



Although it is unknown whether this was used for war, the Log Thrower is clearly a refrence to the Scottish Olympic sport "Caber Tossing". In this sport, burly men attempt to chuck a log as far as they can over their heads, although unlike this unit's log, caber logs would be a very tall log, and not just a section of a log. 

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