Losing Your Religion
Argos Side Story Quests
Giver(s)King Diomedes
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Losing Your Religion is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Argos Side Story Quests.

Quest Objectives Edit

Destroy the Sea People's Temples.
Recommended Level: Any
Repeatable- 12 hours
Co-op Allowed

  • Temples Destroyed: 0/2

SandClock 20:00

Rewards Edit

90,000 XP
300 Coins
2 T. Chests

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

KingDiomedesNewQuest On some islands just off the coast, the Sea People built Temples that they consider sacred. It is time for us to destroy those Temples.

Can you take care of this? I'm sure you'll meet a lot of resistance on the water, but see if you can transport an army to those islands and destroy those Temples.
KingDiomedesInProgress By the gods, what is taking you so long?


  • There are always four bodies of land - the island you start on, the island the enemy starts on and two islands with one guard tower and one temple each.
  • An easy way to complete the quest is to build a Dock and Merchant Transport, transport a villager and some military across the water, build another Dock and transport those units to the islands to destroy the temples.

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