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Moe's Mystorium
Moe's Mystorium
UseSells chests for every fifth level
Cost30 Ebony Planks
20 Gemstones
10 Precision Tools
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The Moe's Mystorium is a store selling chests at every five levels. The blueprint for this store can be obtained from a chest.

The level of the chest determines the possible content, for instance, a Level 40 item will never be found in any chest, except for the Exquisite Cedar Chest or a chest given after winning an elite or legendary quest. However, it is pointless to buy a Level 40 chest when your own level is below 40. For instance, if your Level is 27, and you buy a level 40 chest, the content will be that of a level 25 chest. They will never give rewards of a higher level than your own.


Items available:

Item Name Cost
Rusty Chest (Level 5) 25 C
Pine Chest (Level 10) 100 C
Copper Chest (Level 15) 150 C
Oak Chest (Level 20) 200 C
Solid Bronze Chest (Level 25) 250 C
Black Enameled Chest (Level 30) 350 C
Gold Inlaid Chest (Level 35) 550 C
Exquisite Cedar Chest (Level 40) 750 C


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