Mycenaean Outer Defenses
Greek Main Campaign
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Mycenaean Outer Defenses is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Main Campaign.

In this quest, you start off with 5 villagers, 3 Hoplite, 1 Scout and 1 Priest.

Quest Objectives Edit

Build Fortresses in the specified locations.

  • Build Fortress At Marker 1: 0/1
  • Build Fortress At Marker 2: 0/1
  • Build Fortress At Marker 3: 0/1

Rewards Edit

16,000 XP
80 Coins
1 T. Chests

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

KingAgamemnonNewQuest The outer villages are safe for now, but we need to get defenses in place to keep them that way.
There are three peaks not far outside the city walls. Travel to these and build a Fortress atop each. That should give us advance warning of any future attacks.
KingAgamemnonInProgress Are the Fortresses complete yet?
KingAgamemnonCompleted Good work! Now our enemies will think twice before launching an attack.

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