Our First Enemy
Greek Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)Village Elder
CityCapital City
NextFood Equals Villagers
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Our First Enemy is the first Quest in Age of Empires Online, which also starts the Greek Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Eliminate all of the Clubmen attacking the outpost

  • Clubmen Killed: 0/8
  • Treasure Discovered: 0/2

Rewards Edit

You will Learn
TownCenter VillagerGreek

You will also Receive
700 XP
15 Coins
1 Empire Points

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

VillageElderNewQuest Blessed Zeus, you've finally arrived!

A nearby outpost has come under attack from a group of raiding Clubmen.

As your Village Elder, I advise you to defend the outpost and show the citizens of Greece that they are safe to settle new lands.
VillageElderInProgress Did I forget to tell you about the outpost that is under attack? Sometimes I forget even the important things...
I'm sure that never happens to you.
VillageElderCompleted The hero returns! The people will not forget that you came to their rescue

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