PaidLabor Paid Labor
Reduces training time of Villager, but changes their cost to Gold.
  • -45% Training Time (-33%)
  • -40 Food Cost
  • +40 Gold Cost
  • Can Be toggled On/Off
Points: 1
Research Costs: 0
Research Time: 0s
Civilization(s): Persian

Paid Labor is a Technology that can be toggled on/off at the War Academy

PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().

Market Build Order in 2v2 Edit

On macro-heavy maps like Arabia, a secure caravan line with an allied TC in a 2v2 game grants a surplus of gold which can be used in conjunction with Paid Labor to gain a massive villager lead. High-level Persian players like PF2K and EeryMule have demonstrated this strategy on livestreams.

Note Edit

This toggle tech can be used to quickly replace workers that has been killed or when you need more villagers in less time.