Phalanx Commander Herculos
Grants the Phalanx unique unit.
Age ActiveSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Common Phalanx can be trained at the Fortress
Uncommon Phalanx Veteran can be trained at the Fortress
Rare Phalanx Master can be trained at the Fortress.
Epic Phalanx Champion can be trained at the Fortress.
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Phalanx Commander Herculos is an Unique Unit Advisor active in Silver Age that trains the Phalanx unit. These units are very effective against cavalry.

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Unit statisticsEdit

Rarity Max Health Damage Per Second
Rare 487 31
Epic 513 33

Historical infoEdit

The term "Phalanx" was also a military formation in Ancient Greek Warfare, and may be used to describe the rectangular formation of Phalanxes. Wikipedia Page

How to get this AdvisorEdit

This advisor has a random chance to drop off of any treasure chest. There are no stores in which to buy this advisor. You may trade other players for this advisor.

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