Priest of Ptah
Support Unit
Age AvailableGoldenAgeIcon Golden Age
Healing Rate30
Healing Range15
Conversion Rate12(16)
Conversion Range15
Hit Points200
Sight Range20
Train Time20
Food 0 Wood 0 Gold 200 Population 2
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The Priest of Ptah is an Egyptian Support Unit unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().

Overview Edit

  • Priest unit. Converts multiple enemy units and buildings in a small area, heals friendly units out of combat.

Special AbilitiesEdit


Priest of Ptah can heal friendly units out of combat.


Priest of Ptah can convert multiple units and buildings at once.

Equipment Edit


The following technologies can be used improved the abilities of the Egyptian Priest of Ptah during a mission.


Priest of Ptah in Epic gear

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