Priestess to Queen's Temple One
Egyptian Main Campaign
Giver(s)Prince Sesostris
CityNubian Expedition
PreviousWe Three Priests
NextThe Great Divide
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Priestess to Queen's Temple One is a Quest given by Prince Sesostris in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Main Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Train Priestesses and escort them to the Ancient Temple Complex.

Rewards Edit

15,000 XP
120 Coins
2 T. Chests

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

PrinceSesostrisNewQuest There is an Ancient Temple Complex in the mountains nearby. The Priestesses say that sanctifying the place will earn us the blessings we need to defeat our enemies, but a pack of wild dogs has taken residence. The Priestesses are not warriors, so it falls to us to do the dirty work.
Be warned: The Medjay village nearby is not under our control.
PrinceSesostrisInProgress Get those Priestesses to the temple complex and watch your back.
PrinceSesostrisCompleted The surviving Priestesses are quite satisfied. Their blessings will rain javelins and stones upon our enemies!

Guarded Loot Edit

There are three Chests on this map. One of them is North-East of the player's initial base, one to the far North-East of the map, and one to the North-West around midway.


The name of this quest may be a reference to a possible move in chess, such as "Knight to Queen 3."

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