Protect Our People
Greek Main Campaign
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NextMycenaean Outer Defenses, A Few Good Men, Restore The Treasury, Challenge: Give To The Needy, Trade For Delphi Limestone, Wanted: Boar Tusks, Wanted: Thieves (Greek), Wanted: The Vill Killers
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Protect Our People is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Main Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Protect the allied Town Centers from King Thyestes' loyalists.
Co-op Allowed

  • West Ally's Town Center Protected
  • East Ally's Town Center Protected

SandClock 20:00

Rewards Edit

15,000 XP
80 Coins
1 T. Chests
4 Empire Points

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

KingAgamemnonNewQuest Now that the cowards who followed King Thyestes are on the run, our outlying villages are in danger.
There's not much time, but we need to get defenders out to the villages until Thyestes's retreating rabble have gone. Do not let these fleeing villains pillage any of the outlying villages.
KingAgamemnonInProgress Protect those villages. Thyestes' soldiers are looking for revenge.
KingAgamemnonCompleted The good people of Mycenae cheer once again for your great Capital City.

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