Runic Prayer Beads Beads epic1
Priest Accessory
  • Cost -16.4-17.6%
  • Training Time: +39.3-42.0%
  • Usable by:
    Required Level: 37-40

    Runic Prayer Beads is Gear that is available to Augur, Druid, Magus, Priest (Babylonian), Priest (Greek), Priest of Ptah, Priestess of Ra, and Priest of Set.

    Main article: Priest Accessory
    Level Effect(s)
    37 Cost: -16.4%

    Training Time: +39.3%

    38 Cost: -16.8%

    Training Time: +40.2%

    39 Cost: -17.2%

    Training Time: +41.1%

    40 Cost: -17.6%

    Training Time: +42.0%

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