The Skirmish Hall Booster Pack costs 450 Empire Points and contains the following quests.

  1. You Never Forget Your First Ten
  2. History Is Written By the Victors
  3. Student Becomes the Teacher
  4. Just Call Me Pharaoh
  5. The Empire Is Mine
  6. Say Hello to the Minotaur
  7. Fight Your Own Badari
  8. You're Not the Boss of Me
  9. You're Going to Need a New Assistant
  10. Taking Out the Trash (Repeatable- 12 hours)
  11. Cleaning House (Repeatable- 12 hours)
  12. Kicking Them to the Curb (Repeatable- 12 hours)
  13. Skirmishing Centurion
  14. Grand Skirmisher
  • Note: There are hidden skirmish quests and are only revealed at the end of a skirmish mission. These quests will only reward statues.
    • Note: Some people may use the Spearman Rush tactic to help complete this quest quickly.

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