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Slinger (Celtic)
Celtic Ranged Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon Bronze Age
Damage TypeRanged
Attack Range15
Hit Points110
Sight Range20
Train Time10 s.
Trained/Built fromArchery Range (Celtic)
Food 0 Wood 30 Gold 25 Population 1
Armor vs. ranged0.5
Bonus vs. ranged3.5
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The Slinger is a Celtic Ranged Unit in Age of Empires Online.

Overview Edit

 * Lightly armored and quick on its feet, the Slinger excels at taking out other Ranged Units.

In-game Slinger

Equipment Slots Edit



  • Celt slingers are quite strong all-round units despite being an anti-ranged unit. A large group of these can do quite well against most Age 2 compositions.

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