Persian Infantry Unit
Age AvailableCopperAgeIcon Copper Age
Damage TypeInfantry
Attack RangeMelee
Hit Points220 (240)
Sight Range20
Train Time12 s.
Trained/Built fromBarracks (Persian)
Food 40 Wood 0 Gold 5 (10) Population 1
Armor vs. infantry0.3
Armor vs. ranged0.5
Armor vs. siege0.3
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The Sparabara is a Persian Infantry Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP values which are different are placed in brackets ().


A Sparabara with legendary armament.


Overview Edit

  • The Sparabara is the first military unit in the game. It is available at Copper Age and is produced in the Barracks.

Equipment Slots Edit


  • The Sparabara is extremely tanky and quite cheap as well. They are often used with large ranged balls.
  • Although Persia doesn't have access to Spearmen until the Bronze Age, Sparabara can be used to fend off spearman rushes as well.
  • Sparabara Rushes are also quite effective as they can still do damage without dying to villagers within Town Centre fire.

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