Spearman (Greek)
Greek Infantry Unit
Age AvailableCopperAgeIcon Copper Age
Attack RangeMelee
Hit Points230
Sight Range20
Train Time12 s.
Trained/Built fromBarracks (Greek)
Food 45 Wood 0 Gold 15 Population 1
Armor vs. infantry0.3
Armor vs. cavalry0.3
Bonus vs. cavalry3.0
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The Spearman is a Greek Infantry Unit in Age of Empires Online.



Ingame Spearman

  • The most basic military unit, the Spearman excels at overcoming Cavalry.

Equipment SlotsEdit


Bronze Age


The Age Of Empires Spearman is a bit of an anachronism since all spearmen from the Classical Age of Greece onwards carried a shield. Classical Greek armies e.g the Spartans and Athenians; routinely turned up to battle with armies consisting entirely of shielded spearmen (Hoplites). Any unshielded men were used as skirmishers and threw javelins at the enemy. Armies starting acquiring significant numbers of skirmishers (Peltasts) and Cavalry as tactics evolved during the Peloponnesian War.


  • According to the Moddb page, Spearman were originally going to be clubman (no upgrade, Copper Age), however this was changed to Clubmen and Spearmen being unique soldiers (the first being a Campaign unique unit)

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