Startling Statuary
UseSells Greek-themed decorations
Cost320 Microsoft Points
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Description Edit

"Cast a stately impression with Greek-themed statues. Beautify your Capital City using these Blueprints of amazing Greek statues. Once you have customized your empire, show it off to your friends! Includes 10 statue types that you can use as many times as you like to beautify your Capital City."

Overview Edit

The Startling Statuary store is an Empire Extra (downloadable content or add-on) that can be bought from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 320 Microsoft Points or direct payment of $4.99 (8/16/2011).

The store provides ten unique sculptures to use as decoration for players' Capital Cities. Decorations are bought with coin and are only available to those who have purchased the add-on.


Items available (in order of cost):

Item Name Cost
Greek Flagpole 15 C
Greek Vases 15 C
Hypaspist Statue 25 C
Hoplite Statue 75 C
Archer Statue 75 C
Peltast Statue 75 C
Priest Statue 100 C
Hippikon Statue 200 C
Mounted Warrior Statue 200 C
Statue of Winged Victory 25000 C

See also Edit

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Source Edit

Xbox Live Marketplace

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