Take the Oasis
Egyptian Main Campaign
Giver(s)General Ahapitep
CityCapital City
PreviousTo the Open Desert
ConcurrentHelping the Generals
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Take the Oasis is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Main Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Cross the open desert, and defeat all enemies at the Oasis Caravan Camp.
Co-op Allowed

  • Enemies Defeated

Rewards Edit

6,000 XP
40 Coins
1 T. Chests

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

GeneralAhapitepNewQuest Since we are moving away from the bounty of the Nile, we must make fertile ground for future expeditions. The Badari have retreated to an oasis, and its refreshing waters are an ideal place for us to take root.
Make your army the scythe and cut down the weeds!
GeneralAhapitepInProgress This desert is terrible! I miss the beauty of the papyrus reeds.
GeneralAhapitepCompleted This oasis is wonderful! I was so concerned for my lotus collection out here.

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