Technological Prowess
Egyptian Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)King Narmer
CityCapital City
PreviousFirst Steps
NextThe Proud Few
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Technological Prowess is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives Edit

Unlock the Storehouse at your Palace in your Capital City

  • Unlock the Storehouse at the Palace

Rewards Edit

100 XP
1 Empire Points

Quest Giver Dialog Edit

PharaohSesostrisNewQuest While you were teaching the masses how to feed themselves, I took the opportunity to update your Palace.

From your Palace, you can unlock new technologies, units, and buildings. One highly productive technology is the Storehouse, which allows Villagers to drop off resources without having to go to the Town Center.

With that kind of efficiency, unifying Egypt will be a breeze!
PharaohSesostrisInProgress Not even daily whippings are more efficient than a well-placed Storehouse!
PharaohSesostrisCompleted Excellent! Remember Storehouses are at their most effective when they are built next to resources you wish to gather.

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