The Augur's Flight: Auggie's Accomplishment
Celtic Challenge Quests
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The Augur's Flight: Auggie's Accomplishment is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Celtic Challenge Quests.

Quest Objectives Edit

Lead Auggie's party to the village.

  • Village Reached: Incomplete
  • Auggie Must Survive
  • Ram Must Survive
  • Longbowman Must Survive

Rewards Edit

5,000 XP
50 Coins
2 T. Chests

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

ExplorerNewQuest Auggie and the brothers took refuge at the peak of the mountain pass. When Auggie looked down, he could see the flickering lights of his village. Soon, he would be home.

At the camp, a proud Longbowman lay wounded. Auggie treated the injuries, and the grateful archer gave his aid in descending the mountain.

The bandits did everything in their power to stop the four from leaving alive, but nothing could stop Auggie from reaching home.
ExplorerInProgress Auggie's trials were almost at an end!
ExplorerCompleted Auggie had conquered the Alps, and he finally returned home. He and his allies were hailed as heroes and given places of honor.

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