Alliance The Delian League

Delian League is one of the Alliances in Age of Empires Online.


The Delian League is the perfect Alliance for players who enjoy base-building and strong defenses.

Unique Features

  • Join Archimedes and his League of city-states through economic success.
  • On certain alliance quests, Archimedes will accompany you providing a good ranged firepower.
  • Passive bonuses commits cheaper and stronger buildings while also committing faster gathering rates
  • League's gears focused on economic style.



A sampling of what Delian League offers:

Offical announcement image20 More of these equipments can be found here: here

Passive Bonuses

  • Delian Resolve – Increases all Gathering rates
  • Treasury – Decreases Building cost
  • Long Walls – Increases Building health

More info about passive bonuses can be found in Alliance Wars Ranks

Leader: Archimedes of Syracuse

This true genius of antiquity provides a variety of talents. In battle he wields a mighty trident throwing it great distances with deadly precision. For protection he carries the Shield of Delos blessed by Poseidon.


Official announcement image52

Wikipedia link


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