Tower Defense
Celtic Main Campaign
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Quest Objectives Edit

  • Guard Tower at Marker 1: 0/1
  • Guard Tower at Marker 2: 0/1
  • Guard Tower at Marker 3: 0/1
  • Town Center Defended

Rewards Edit

18,000 XP
80 Coins
1 T. Chests

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

x96px You're pretty good at building in a pinch! I bet your villagers can knock the moust hardened Hypaspist out for hours.

Some smaller Celtic tribes are being bothered by the Oxubii, and they asked Massalia for help. Normally, I would send a merchant there to arrange a price, but the Oxubii would cut his head off before he could even say hello.

Go to the village, build some guard towers, and defend them against Oxubii. In return, you can take whatever reward is given, minus a finder's fee.
x96px I hear your Druids sacrifice people. Is that true?
x96px As promised, here's the reward that was sent. Nice doing business with you.

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